Aloha Aloha Hawaii

Current City: Honolulu, Hawaii

We began our journey early morning, especially after one or two hours of sleep the night/morning before, leaving Las Vegas to Los Angeles where we would then be headed to Hawaii. A tear soaked morning full of hugs and well wishes, well two days in all honesty, saying good bye to my family and best friends.  A truly bittersweet moment, sad to leave such amazing people but excited to meet new friends and take on a new chapter in our lives together.

My first view of Hawaii from the plane.

My first view of Hawaii from the plane.

We’re here in Hawaii before the last leg of our journey to our new home. The view of the island from the plane was amazing. I understand now why they call it Pacific blue, it’s such an amazing mesmerizing shade. We have just enough of a layover to grab a bite, a fruity drink with an umbrella, a taste of pineapple and makes some calls before our phones go into permanent airplane mode. We wish it was a bit longer so we could see more of the island outside of the airport windows, but hopefully we’ll be able to do some exploring here in the near future, or even meet some family here as a halfway point hello. It still seems surreal that in about seven hours and a dateline crossing we will be in Guam, full of excitement and jet lag!

Happy Travels!

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