Coconut Drinks and…Crabs?

Sipping some coconut goodnessCurrent City: Agana, Guam

Wednesday we made our way down to Chamorro Village once again with a little more time and free reign to explore. I was just ecstatic to get out of the hotel room to be honest, even if we were just going to Kmart! I usually walk to grab a bite on days that Daniel is at work, therefore he would be taking the truck that we have been borrowing. But today the entire morning and afternoon decided to pour heavily from the heavens leaving me unequipped to venture. So with the clear skies meant exploring!

The first thing we did of course was grab food! Daniel grabbed some of their delicious BBQ pork skewers and I tried a banana lumpia, smiles all around. Next we decided to try the fresh cut coconut. They sliced it in front of us with a single chop, throwing water on us at the same time and handed it our way after plopping two straws inside.

Coconut Crab ComicWalking around with our coconut, which became mine because Daniel prefers things on the sweeter side, we explored all Chamorro Village had to offer. Besides the rows of delicious and low priced food, there were other vendors and shops with their contributions to the culture of the island. Among all of these were two men that stood out from the rest, one with a lizard and one with a coconut crab! Let me back up a few months.

Upon learning of our move to Guam my tendency to research things kicked into high gear, which lead me to a picture of a coconut crab, more specifically the picture of a coconut crab as big as a trash can.   I had nightmares for weeks! I have a personal, and understandably irrational fear of fish, and this crab had moved its way up the ladder of my horrors!

Coconut Crab This crab was relatively little compared to what the images found on the Internet had burned into my mind. Defiantly a notable experience, especially to tell all my friends and family that have heard me rant and rave about this creature that had earned itself a role in my nightmares.

All in all, a wonderful night on the island with delightful food and fun!

Blogging my Ashleigh

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