Mermaid Ready to Move

Current City: Hagåtña, Guam

Thursday was a very busy and productive day for Daniel and I! We woke up early to head to Guam Auto Spot to look at a Guam bomb for our stay on the island. Shortly after arriving our saleswoman set us free out on the lot before showing us the “mechanic special” that we came to see. While browsing the lot, one of the service guys introduced himself as he was running to the lot next door, letting us know he was bringing around a nice car they just got in the night before.

2010 Mazda 3 Night FuryHe pulls up in none other than a blacked out Mazda 3. You see, part of the deal with our move to the island is we were only allowed to ship one vehicle, and with the quads it made more sense to ship Daniel’s truck and just sell it when our stay on the island comes to a close. For me this meant selling my 2010 Mazda 3, the first car that was mine, 100 percent picked and paid for, mine. But I knew it had to be done and that I would get a beater to run around in soon.

As he brought out that black Mazda 3, not even stocked in yet, my eyes lit up immediately. Daniel was pretty captured by her too, but we didn’t want our saleswoman to know that just yet. Superstitious me thinks all the heads up pennies I picked up in the lot may have helped a little!

Long story short, we test drove, humored ourselves looking at other vehicles and ended up getting this black 2010 Mazda 3 down to a reasonable price, with all the bells and whistles surpassing that of the one I had to sell back in Las Vegas (not to mention at a cheaper price!).

After pinning down our car, we had to rush off to meet our relator to start the lease paperwork on our home for the next four years. As much as I appreciate the hospitality, Wi-Fi, and cable at the hotel, it lacks a kitchen and I lack the ability to eat out every single meal for over half a month. We’re currently a participant in the waiting game to see how everything unfolds, so fingers crossed!

After that we rushed off for a bite, paperwork on base and then off to Navy Federal Credit Union to finish the process with our car. Finding Navy Federal CU was a wild goose chase, and that’s an understatement. At 4:55 p.m. we called asking them if they would be able to stay open a few moments longer to allow us to open an account and apply for the vehicle loan, which they graciously agreed.

We were told it was on the Navy base, nope. GPS says Santa Rita area, nope. Thirty minutes later we find it nestled behind the museum outside of the Navy base. God bless the ladies that work there who let us in and handled everything for us, you are wonderful!

Word to the wise, GPS does not work on the island. Also, there are little to no street names, if the road is even on a map. We’re quickly learning that everything is based on visual cues and knowing the area.

Toothless from DreamWorks' 'How to Train Your Dragon'We went straight from Navy Federal back to Guam Auto Spot to pick up our new car, which I named Night Fury, our very own Toothless. Yes, I’m a nerd.  But if you’ve ever seen the smiling, toothless grill of a 2010 Mazda 3, you understand.

Our twelve-hour day was exhausting but rewarding! We were able to return the truck we were borrowing back to its owner. As much as we appreciated the loan, it was nice to have AC and not to be eaten by whatever bug had taken a number out on my legs from the seat that led me to sit hugging my knees on a towel as a makeshift solution to salvage my limbs.

We’re excited to have a nice vehicle to hold onto and take back to the states, even though Daniel jokes that he signed his truck’s death warrant by getting her. On the other hand he also claims he likes her more than me and is positively giddy driving her, making me feel like a permanent co-pilot.

So here’s to transportation and kitchens, I mean houses!

Mobile-ly Yours,

Blogging my Ashleigh


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