Exploring, Waterparks and Wet Noses

Current City: Tumon, Guam

Well unfortunately we had to do some hotel hoping and our move in date has been pushed back once again. It’s been quite the process and a quite frustrating, but I’ll leave it at that. At least we know we have the house and will be able to make it our first home in the very near future. The past week has involved a lot of hurry up and wait, and me practicing my weak virtue of patience. A giggle for anyone that knows me well!

Inarajan Sunsets

Unfortunately for me, Daniel is off leave for house hunting and is back at work today. We did manage to get a lot done in that time and have fun. Including a trip to Inarajan for some beautiful sights and a taste of Chamorro culture right before the sunset, Daniel played photographer. We defiantly would like to visit and explore the area some more when we have more time available. We enjoyed some wonderful treats at the Tea District. Iced milk tea with boba for me was such a pick me up! Daniel enjoyed strawberry cheesecake in a drink for his giant sweet tooth. Very delicious for our search for bedroom furniture, we can’t wait until we get in the house and our stuff finally arrives off the boat.

South Views of GuamWe also made another trip to G.A.I.N. (Guam Animals in Need), a shelter that has captured my heart and love for animals on the island. Daniel points out a testimony to my passion with the fact that I looked up the shelters and animal groups before we even got to the island and proceeded to seek them out before we were even here a week.

We’re hoping to adopt a puppy once we’re settled; Daniel knows nothing brings a smile to my face quite like animals do. But until we’re settled and can provide a pup with a structured home and time we find ways to help animals in other ways as often as we can.

As much as I’m falling in love with my new home, animals have my heart and I am bothered by what I see here and would like to do as much as I can, even if it’s a small dent. The concept of having a pet here is much different than how I was raised and I feel is unworthy to these souls. With the large amount of strays and animals along the side of the road, seeing them tied up with no water breaks my heart.

Inarajan ViewsI’m not saying that this is the case with every pet owner or animal on the island; it’s just a lot more prevalent and eye opening from anywhere I’ve lived before. But to subside my rant, I know participating to make even the smallest difference is going to be a priority during our time here.

We had a wonderful time this weekend at Onward Waterpark! I haven’t been to a waterpark in I don’t remember how long, maybe since the first Wet N’ Wild for all my Las Vegas natives! But I know that lines were a big part of my past experiences, not at Onward! We went on every slide as many times as we wanted, and just had a wonderful day full of smiles that was warmly welcomed! My favorite slide had to be the Manta! I know we’ll defiantly be making more trips during our time here!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week and hope to be updating you from our house next time!

Blogging my Ashleigh

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