Shaken Up

Current City: Tamuning, Guam

Daniel and I are becoming quite the gypsies of Guam, once again hopping hotel to hotel. It’ll make getting into the house even sweeter, being able to stay put! But we have an address now, and an ever-changing move in date.

Colorful Bus Stop

One of the colorful bus stops that decorate the streets of the island.

Yesterday we had our world rocked when a 7.1 earthquake rocked the island. Ironically the day before I was checking out the site of a fellow blogger from Guam and reading about an earthquake that had hit them a few months before our arrival. I thought to myself that I hadn’t even considered earthquakes here, mostly only typhoons. About a half an hour later, cue the quake, rocking me on the third story hotel floor. I was confused at first until I realized what was happening, trying to remember what to do. “Get in the bath tub? We don’t have a bath. No wait, that’s tornadoes, right?” Standing in the middle of the hotel room, dumfounded, and then it was all over. Children screaming down the halls and a call from Daniel who was up in Northwest field. He told me it seemed like the Earth was rolling.

It was definitely a crazy experience, a first for us both. Luckily it didn’t trigger a tsunami and all was well. Chalk it up to one of our many new experiences on the island!

Stay Safe!

Blogging my Ashleigh


  1. I was on the 2nd floor of a building during this one, but many years ago we had an 8.something and if you were out side you could see the ground roll. That was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Earthquake damage is usually very minimal here though.


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