Transitions and Settling In

Current City: Dededo, Guam

I’m sorry I don’t have the before and after photos as promised! The pieces are still slowly coming together and I can’t wait to share the finished product. We’re still covered in a sea of cardboard boxes and packing paper, which I crunched through to get the only fill I’ll be getting of walking through fall leaves this year!

Rain, rain, everyday.

Rain, rain, everyday.

But I can’t get over how awesome it is to make a nice cup of coffee at home to get my day going, and be able to cook in our kitchen! We’re trying to get used to living in a concrete house and the obstacles it presents in decorating our home.  We’re also learning the time it takes when it comes to shipping to and from the states, lots of practice with all the special October birthdays! Hopefully this trial run went well and we could be a part of all the celebrations, especially for my dad’s big 5-0!

Night view from Bayside while we were hotel hopping.

Night view from Bayside while we were hotel hopping.

There’s a family friend in town for work, pretty shocking for the both of us, that we’re hoping to see before he leaves.  Just a reminder that even when we fell a little isolated on the island that it really is a small world. Our typhoon scare, Vongfong, was just that, a scare, but my heart goes out to those in Japan that we’re affected by it. Vongfong was daunting simply because we didn’t know what to expect.  Especially with the earthquake shortly after we arrived we’ve been reminded just how different and unfamiliar the weather, and well everything is, from home for the both of us.  The learning experience continues!

The journey continues,

Blogging my Ashleigh

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