Mermaid on the Move has Moved!

Mermaid on the Move has Moved

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to announce we have moved our site to it’s very own domain!

Same site, different address, with more gizmos and gadgets of plenty for everyone!

Please join us in celebration with a giveaway located at our new location!

See you at the new Mermaid on the Move

Thank you for growing with me.

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Two Lovers at Two Lovers Point

Current City: Tumon Bay, Guam

Daniel and I ventured out today to check out the captivating tourist attraction that is Two Lovers Point. The legend of Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point) itself is pretty tragic, very star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet double suicide esque. I don’t dare paraphrase it in fear of taking away from the story, but today it is a place where lovers and/or tourist gather to capture an amazing view of the bay and leave a love lock behind to stay. We had such an enjoyable afternoon playing tourist, capturing the breathtaking views and leaving a little piece of us there as well. I can’t believe how many locks were there already! We just left a luggage tag this time because before we left, Daniel came up with the grand idea to get a better lock and have our names etched in it to stand the weather, cough cough never ending rain, and time. Brownie points to him for being clever and enjoying our visit despite his fear of heights! Are you near to or know of an iconic spot where people, or couples, leave their mark on the world? Have you ever left a lock somewhere?

Please feel free to click the pictures!

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P.S. Do we get awards for not pushing each other over? No? Okay…

Nineties and New Things

Current City: Naval Base Guam

Last Wednesday, Lynn and I went back in time and found ourselves face to face with the nineties. Down at Navy that night they were hosting Vertical Horizon at Molly McGee’s. While we hung out in the back, children played up in the “mosh pit” area and everyone else scattered along the lawn on blankets and lawn chairs. I felt like we were a little more enthusiastic than the rest of the crowd. Let’s just say that we went full on acapella duet when the band put the microphone out for the crowd to sing. Special shout to the couple in front of us that handled it like champs, especially when it came to “Best I Ever Had” (I still prefer Gary Allan’s rendition, but I love everything about Gary Allan so that’s not fair).

Vertical Horizon

We ended up having too much fun on our own without a drink involved, especially when we realized the majority of the crowd wasn’t even a thought yet when these songs came out. The nineties jokes didn’t get old and we enjoyed a beautiful Guam, January evening.

The night wouldn’t be complete without me realizing I apparently missed out on a large part of childhood in the bug and critter department, which will probably lead to even more random adventures of childhood nostalgia.

On another note of self-growth I tried Poké and loved it! I don’t’ eat seafood, but in the spirit of trying new things I tried some of Lynn’s at Tapanade with some sangria and delicious dates! Such a fun and random week.

Oh and apparently today is International Kiss a Ginger Day? Sure why not! I’ll be sure to let Daniel know!
What have you tried new lately, was it a good or bad experience?

Venture from your comfort zone!

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The Top Ten Things I Learned from Moving Halfway Across the World

1.You need fewer things than you think.
Honestly, I was kind of intimidated by the thought of not having anything but a suitcase for the first few months that we would be on island. But my eyes were opened to the kind of freedom that comes from being able to fit all of your belongings in your suitcase, despite a few things that we needed to pick up here and there. But I’m glad it opened my eyes to much more than the materialistic living that I had always been surrounded by in the city. Granted I’m not perfect, but having my eyes opened is a great first step!

2. Reading about things and experiencing things are so vastly different.
This one was a tough one for me to admit, being a bookworm who believes I can research to find majority of the answers in life. But while the research and reading may help prepare you for whatever you’re going to do in life, nothing teaches you quite like real life in real time. Good ole’ experience takes the cake every time.

Gun Beach

3. Know where you can find medical attention.
While this one isn’t so insightful, it’s going to be ridiculously helpful down the road. Maybe it’s my fear of Murphy’s Law coming for me, but just incase something happens it’s good to know where to go before, rather than try to find out during whatever happens that will send you their way.

4. Have all of your personal documents and medical documents in your possession.
I seriously dropped the ball on this one. I didn’t get a copy of my medical records before leaving the city. It honestly slipped my mind with all the other craziness that was happening in my life. So now I face the super fun task of trying to send a medical release their way, have my records sent to me and deal with the less than helpful staff that failed to make my updated name changes I had made prior to leaving and were road blocking the whole process. Sorry I left a little animosity dripping from that last sentence. But seriously, without my mother being in the city, I probably would have been screwed.

Passport Shot

5. Different is not a synonym for bad.
Wearing shorts during the time I used to know as winter. Making plans to barbecue on the beach in December. Celebrating New Years Eve at a pool party. Just a few things I find very different about my new home, but definitely not bad!

6. Network, meet people, and make friends.
This sounds so basic, but honestly it has made a world of difference for this huge transition. Get out of your comfort zone, talk to people, go to events, and, prepare yourself for this, talk to people at those events. I’m pretty shy by nature, so this was a new challenge for me! But, I admit that we got really lucky and met some wonderful people early on, but it makes such an impact on the quality of the adventure.

Mermaid Friends

7. Get out of your comfort zone and explore your new home.
While this kind of piggy backs off of number six, it’s true in all aspects of life. Try the food, try the common hobbies, or even just drive around to get yourself acquainted with the area. I quickly found out how much I love the local food here! Kind of a fear for me that I wouldn’t care for the cuisine here since I don’t eat fish, but I am so glad to be wrong! I’m still working on this one daily, but it has definitely provided me with some rewarding experiences.

8. You find out who you are, or who you want to become.
One of the perks of moving somewhere completely new is that no one knows you. While this may seem daunting and lonely, it allows you to really see yourself without being influenced by anyone else’s notions about you. There’s something renewing in finding yourself without outside influences meddling and trying to tell you who you are or what you can and can’t do.

Mermaid Shelfie

9. You find out who your friends are.
It sounds so harsh, but I swear it’s not, it’s honestly so very refreshing. It’s just one of those seasons in life, like after high school, college or anything other major events in your life where things are brought to light. It’s not always negative either; sometimes you can care for each other very much, but just be at different parts of your life. A good friend of mine said it best, to paraphrase, she stated “I like what we have, I feel that we have an adult friendship. You have your life going on and I have mine but we still check in and care about each other without having to talk everyday.” Quality trumps quantity in this new chapter of life.

10. You Find Interest and Better Understanding of Different Cultures.
Not just Chamorro, but Japanese as well. I’ve learned about different ideals of beauty outside of the western culture. I’ve learned different customs and practices, like how and why Japanese don’t tip (a fun fact I was educated about quickly behind the bar). I’ve been trying to learn some of the basics of the Japanese language in my down time, mainly to feed my curiosity of language and constant want and need to communicate. There’s so much more, different, scary and amazing things than what we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Keep growing!

Blogging my Ashleigh

Welcome Twenty Fifteen!

Warning from the future! The zombie apocalypse is upon us! Save your families, save yourselves, heed this warning! 

Okay, okay, sorry I had too! …ahem.. I mean…


Daniel and I overlooking the firework display as it rang in 2015. Captured by: Lynn Corcoran

Daniel and I overlooking the firework display as it rang in 2015. Captured by: Lynn Corcoran

Current City: Dededo, Guam

Happy New Year friends! It’s amazing the difference a year can make. Last year was filled with so many life changes and amazing adventures. It the span of 365 days, I married my husband twice, made new life long friends, lost very important souls in my life, traveled to amazing places, moved half way around the world, finally completed my BA degree and so much in between. It’s kind of overwhelming to think about in a nutshell. So very curious to see what 2015 has in store! We had such a wonderful time ringing it in with new friends and my forever midnight kiss on a rooftop in Tumon watching all the fireworks shooting off in the bay.

So of course with the new year comes new resolutions, the big ones for me this year are to get back on track with being healthy, become a better photographer and blogger and to be more in the moment. I’m guilty for the typical healthy resolution! I just want to get out more, go hiking, running, prepare more nutritious meals and try and get the most out of life. When it comes to photography and blogging, I know I have so much to learn and am excited to do so! So please be patient with me on that, I’m always open to suggestions and helpful tips! My resolution to be more in the moment stems from wanting to be more present with life around me, putting down the phone and enjoying the real world around me, so that I don’t miss those little moments that are so important. Wish me luck!

What is everyone’s resolutions? Celebration plans? Best of luck on your adventures ahead!


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