My Best FriendHello there friends! I’m Ashleigh, animal lover, book devourer, writer and the girl behind Mermaid on the Move!  A native of Henderson, Nevada, the little suburban sister of Las Vegas, a mermaid from the heat of the desert.

Like many little red haired girls, I grew up with a deep seeded love for Ariel and all things mermaid that I never truly grew out of. I informed my mother at the ripe age of toddlerdom, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, a mermaid like Ariel because, in the logic of a childhood imagination, I already had the red hair!

Mermaid on the Move pairs together the dream of my adolescence, passion for writing, and a way to share all the new exciting adventures in my life with others.

This past year has put wind in my sails and taken me through many changes and milestones in my life that has truly been an adventure. A few months back, my Texas native, airman boyfriend popped the question; right around the same time that he found out he was being stationed at Andersen AFB on the island of Guam.

My ‘yes’ meant that we would be moving to Guam, an island I knew so little about, to start our lives together. You should have seen the spectrum of emotions telling my friends and family that I was engaged to the man of my dreams (Yay! Happiness!) and that we would be moving half way across the world in a few months (Confusion, shock and instantly looking for the closest map!).

Mr. & Mrs. ChampionDuring the time before our move I would also be finishing my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a life goal I had worked diligently towards, celebrating my 24th birthday, and was legally married in a Las Vegas drive-thru wedding. Oh, and that all happened in a week!

In the few months that followed riddled with wedding plans, packing, leaving a job I adored, and many life changing experiences, I wed my husband once more with friends and family by our side. One of the most amazing nights of my life, truly beautiful in every way!

My husband and I are getting settled in and calling Guam our home for the next four years. I hope you join me as I share all my new adventures, traveling and trying to conquer my odd fear of fish!



  1. I’m so happy for you and love hearing about your adventures. I met Jillians dad today. As I was discharging him I noticed an arm full of Jillian’s Arm bands. I said, that I am in her army. I’ve got one of her bands at home and asked his relation to her. Too my surprise, he said he is her dad. I gave him a hug and let him know that she’s always in my prayers. . Keep posting, I love your stories. God Bless and stay safe. ❤


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