Mermaid on the Move has Moved!

Mermaid on the Move has Moved

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to announce we have moved our site to it’s very own domain!

Same site, different address, with more gizmos and gadgets of plenty for everyone!

Please join us in celebration with a giveaway located at our new location!

See you at the new Mermaid on the Move

Thank you for growing with me.

Blogging my Ashleigh


Shipping and Handling My Patience

Current City: Dededo, Guam

Care Package GoodiesHappy news, and happy October! Supposedly our home goods should have arrived on island yesterday evening. They told us to give at most three days for them to in process, customs, and whatever else good stuff they have to do. We also received an amazing care package from Daniel’s mother which includes some delicious looking K-cups that tease me from the countertops, and some fabulous spices and kitchen goodies! Super excited to have everything back soon! Little things, like even a chair would be wonderful! Once everything is arrived we can go ahead and get settled into our home after a good smudging. Until it arrives, not too much going on other than us both working and patiently waiting!

A revelation I did recently run into, my Amazon Prime free shipping has abandoned me on Guam. After everything we’ve been through together, years of holidays and splurges arriving on my doorstep in a minimum of two days, sigh. Surprised to find that Guam is exempt from the best perk of Amazon Prime, and most of my purchases are now doubled with shipping. Yet, I did discover that Roxy has free shipping all day, everyday. Does anyone else know of any other sites that offer free shipping? Yes, I do realize it’s a bit silly, but just more changes I’m adjusting too after living in 24-hour town my whole life.

Just keep swimming!

Blogging my Ashleigh