Nineties and New Things

Current City: Naval Base Guam

Last Wednesday, Lynn and I went back in time and found ourselves face to face with the nineties. Down at Navy that night they were hosting Vertical Horizon at Molly McGee’s. While we hung out in the back, children played up in the “mosh pit” area and everyone else scattered along the lawn on blankets and lawn chairs. I felt like we were a little more enthusiastic than the rest of the crowd. Let’s just say that we went full on acapella duet when the band put the microphone out for the crowd to sing. Special shout to the couple in front of us that handled it like champs, especially when it came to “Best I Ever Had” (I still prefer Gary Allan’s rendition, but I love everything about Gary Allan so that’s not fair).

Vertical Horizon

We ended up having too much fun on our own without a drink involved, especially when we realized the majority of the crowd wasn’t even a thought yet when these songs came out. The nineties jokes didn’t get old and we enjoyed a beautiful Guam, January evening.

The night wouldn’t be complete without me realizing I apparently missed out on a large part of childhood in the bug and critter department, which will probably lead to even more random adventures of childhood nostalgia.

On another note of self-growth I tried Poké and loved it! I don’t’ eat seafood, but in the spirit of trying new things I tried some of Lynn’s at Tapanade with some sangria and delicious dates! Such a fun and random week.

Oh and apparently today is International Kiss a Ginger Day? Sure why not! I’ll be sure to let Daniel know!
What have you tried new lately, was it a good or bad experience?

Venture from your comfort zone!

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