Sea Stars and Spirits

Current City: Santa Rita, Guam

IMG_4174 (1)Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween (and Nevada Day)! I bet you’d never guess that I went as the little mermaid, Ariel of course! Side note, I totally underestimated what an adventure it was going to be to find a sea star for my hair while living on a tropical island. But, I actually spent most of my holiday working, yup thats right, I’m employed! I’ve held off sharing just to make sure that it stuck, didn’t want to jinx myself.

I’m having a go at the craft of bartending and am thankful for the opportunity, especially with how difficult it is to find a job out here. It has also helped me meet a lot of wonderful people out here already, which I am even more thankful for.

Working nights has pretty much destroyed whatever sleep schedule my body had become accustomed to, but it works out when talking to family and friends back home. Got to have that silver lining!

IMG_4158 (1)I got the awesome opportunity to join friends in taking a quick tour of the USS George Washington during it’s short stay in Guam. Other than the torrential down pour we endured, as the photos show us in our drowned rat best, it was a great time. I had forgotten how massive the air craft carriers truly are when you’re right next to them as they tower over you. It reminded me of the tour my family and I took of the USS Midway back in San Diego, a must for anyone even remotely interested! But it was a wonderful day of rain, exploring, coffee and puppy cuddles. A few of my favorite things!

Our house is still not together yet; we’ve really dropped the ball, but once it is you better believe you’ll be hearing all about it!

DSC01287Now that Halloween is over, holiday antics will be running wild for Christmas and poor Thanksgiving, the red headed step child that gets trampled over every year. Definitely going to be a bittersweet year, celebrating the holidays with my new husband and my first holiday season away from my family. Going to need a little extra help really getting into the spirit this year.

Hope everyone else is getting along swimmingly!

Blogging my Ashleigh




P.S. A little shot approaching the USS George Washington.




Aloha Aloha Hawaii

Current City: Honolulu, Hawaii

We began our journey early morning, especially after one or two hours of sleep the night/morning before, leaving Las Vegas to Los Angeles where we would then be headed to Hawaii. A tear soaked morning full of hugs and well wishes, well two days in all honesty, saying good bye to my family and best friends.  A truly bittersweet moment, sad to leave such amazing people but excited to meet new friends and take on a new chapter in our lives together.

My first view of Hawaii from the plane.

My first view of Hawaii from the plane.

We’re here in Hawaii before the last leg of our journey to our new home. The view of the island from the plane was amazing. I understand now why they call it Pacific blue, it’s such an amazing mesmerizing shade. We have just enough of a layover to grab a bite, a fruity drink with an umbrella, a taste of pineapple and makes some calls before our phones go into permanent airplane mode. We wish it was a bit longer so we could see more of the island outside of the airport windows, but hopefully we’ll be able to do some exploring here in the near future, or even meet some family here as a halfway point hello. It still seems surreal that in about seven hours and a dateline crossing we will be in Guam, full of excitement and jet lag!

Happy Travels!

Blogging my Ashleigh