Two Lovers at Two Lovers Point

Current City: Tumon Bay, Guam

Daniel and I ventured out today to check out the captivating tourist attraction that is Two Lovers Point. The legend of Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point) itself is pretty tragic, very star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet double suicide esque. I don’t dare paraphrase it in fear of taking away from the story, but today it is a place where lovers and/or tourist gather to capture an amazing view of the bay and leave a love lock behind to stay. We had such an enjoyable afternoon playing tourist, capturing the breathtaking views and leaving a little piece of us there as well. I can’t believe how many locks were there already! We just left a luggage tag this time because before we left, Daniel came up with the grand idea to get a better lock and have our names etched in it to stand the weather, cough cough never ending rain, and time. Brownie points to him for being clever and enjoying our visit despite his fear of heights! Are you near to or know of an iconic spot where people, or couples, leave their mark on the world? Have you ever left a lock somewhere?

Please feel free to click the pictures!

Blogging my Ashleigh




P.S. Do we get awards for not pushing each other over? No? Okay…